Business Management

Business ManagementInspirational and powerful communication can contribute to leadership effectiveness; therefore, it is important to understand how to become a communicator that is inspirational and emotion-provoking. The reading in this unit categorizes this three ways: speaking and writing, principles of persuasion, and nonverbal communication. Select one of these categories most useful to you and describe how and why it is important. Next, building on that topic, discuss your current level of skill in that area, what you are going to focus on to improve it, and how this will help you to be a more effective leader.Reply to the followingThe one that is most useful to me would be the principles of persuasion because it is a major form of influence. It is a good tool when there is no authority; for instance, a team with shared leadership. There are six basic principles according to DuBrin (2013) where they are listed as: 1. Liking ? people like those who like them. 2. Reciprocity ? people repay in kind. 3. Social Proof ? people follow the lead of similar others. 4. Consistency ? people align with their clear commitments. 5. Authority ? people defer to experts. 6. Scarcity ? people want more of what they can have less of.My level of skill in this area is pretty good. I am good at creating relationships with individuals. I am good at displaying a certain behavior. One of my sayings is, ?I don?t ask anyone to do anything, I wouldn?t do myself.? There are always areas that could be improved and I think my focus should be on getting people to commit and follow through. The text suggests one should have them put their committment in writing and it is something I never thought about.DuBrin, A. J. (2013). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills 7th Edition, South-Western. Mason, OH!