Business Management

Business ManagementInspirational and powerful communication can contribute to leadership effectiveness; therefore, it is important to understand how to become a communicator that is inspirational and emotion-provoking. The reading in this unit categorizes this three ways: speaking and writing, principles of persuasion, and nonverbal communication. Select one of these categories most useful to you and describe how and why it is important. Next, building on that topic, discuss your current level of skill in that area, what you are going to focus on to improve it, and how this will help you to be a more effective leader.Reply to the followingThe one that is most useful to me would be the principles of persuasion because it is a major form of influence. It is a good tool when there is no authority; for instance, a team with shared leadership. There are six basic principles according to DuBrin (2013) where they are listed as: 1. Liking ? people like those who like them. 2. Reciprocity ? people repay in kind. 3. Social Proof ? people follow the lead of similar others. 4. Consistency ? people align with their clear commitments. 5. Authority ? people defer to experts. 6. Scarcity ? people want more of what they can have less of.My level of skill in this area is pretty good. I am good at creating relationships with individuals. I am good at displaying a certain behavior. One of my sayings is, ?I don?t ask anyone to do anything, I wouldn?t do myself.? There are always areas that could be improved and I think my focus should be on getting people to commit and follow through. The text suggests one should have them put their committment in writing and it is something I never thought about.DuBrin, A. J. (2013). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills 7th Edition, South-Western. Mason, OH!


ADEN UNIVERSITY IS PLANING TO OPEN A NEW PROGRAM OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING they need full study from the establishment to the end vision , mission , objectives, administration, stuff , salaries, labs , study of cost , learning outcomes ,?..ect that is my research

Tragedy of the Commons

3. Describe the Tragedy of the Commons; using the world?s oceans as an example, discuss how they have been subject to the tragedy.4. What is the triple bottom line? With what important concept is it associated? Be sure to describe each of the three parts. .5. Using one of the cycles of matter covered in class (nutrient, nitrogen, or carbon), describe how matter cycles and why these cycles are important.6. List the 3 stages of human cultural evolution and describe the general environmental impact that has occurred in each.7. Define each of these three key population descriptors: total fertility rate (TFR), Replacement-level Fertility and Zero Population growth (ZPG). Explain how each is used to address humanpopulation growth.!

Yoga: stress reduction, and general well being

Yoga: stress reduction, and general well beingPaper instructions:Yoga: Stress Reduction and General Well-BeingYOGA (cause and effects) proposal argumentSource (will provide) must only use the attached documents, if you would like to add or need more sources please confirm with me first.Must be written in 3rd person.Must include signal phrase of the author/s when introduction them.Must include a lot of paraphrasing, and include in text citation in the same sentences.Need to have a clear thesis statement.Must provide many details, example to support the thesis statement.And clear introduction/ topic sentence to every paragraph.Must be clear and focus and organized paper.**Please tell me the thesis statement before you start on the paper.Yoga shows that it is a holistic way of life leading to a state of complete physical, social, mental, spiritual civilization, transformative life skills.My focus point is how yoga is use for therapeutic purposes, like treating disease like mental stress, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Nevertheless with every problem comes a solution. Give some history of yoga, where it came from, yoga is not a religion, and it fits well with any individual spiritual practice.So, the proposal of this paper is, with all these negative effects on the human mind, body and soul, there?s a solution by practicing yoga, the health benefit it can have on the mind body and soul.also, if my topic isn?t clear or you have a suggesting on improving my paper please let me know. I am open to a different approach to the paper.

Weather Report, ?Birdland? (Joe Zawinul), Hollywood, 1976. Wayne Shorter, soprano and tenor saxes; Joe Zawinul, keyboards, piano, vocal, melodica; JacoPastorius, elec. bass, mando-cello, vocal; Alex Acuna, drums; ManoloBadrena, tambourine. [First issue: Heavy Weather, Columbia CK 34418]

Weather Report, ?Birdland? (Joe Zawinul), Hollywood, 1976. Wayne Shorter, soprano and tenor saxes; Joe Zawinul, keyboards, piano, vocal, melodica; JacoPastorius, elec. bass, mando-cello, vocal; Alex Acuna, drums; ManoloBadrena, tambourine. [First issue: Heavy Weather, Columbia CK 34418]Topic 2: This piece begins with a keyboard introduction by Zawinul. How many bars is this intro? The melody, or ?head,? begins at 00:18 and ends at 02:46. How many sections are in this melody? Use letters to designate the sections. How does this group arrange the melody? Which instrument has the melody in each of the sections? Now listen to Zawinul?s first keyboard solo from 02:47 to 03:08. Does his solo occur over the form of the piece? Describe the vamp or repeated pattern that is played under his solo. Now listen to Shorter?s tenor sax solo. Does his solo occur on the form of the piece? Describe the riffs that are played in the keyboard and sax, starting at 03:36 and ending at 4:59. Zawinul begins to solo again at 05:00. Describe Pastorius? bass line during this solo? Does it sound like a repeated pattern? Briefly compare and contrast this jazz-rock fusion piece with that of Davis? ?Bitches Brew.? What are the general characteristics of this piece that are different from the hard bop and free groups you have heard?!

(B) Map and Background on the Civil War

(B) Map and Background on the Civil WarA house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently,half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved ? I do not expect the house to fall ?but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either theopponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest inthe belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shallbecome alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new ? North as well as South.-Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the United States Senate in Illinois- June 16, 1858 (He lostthat election to Stephen Douglas but Lincoln would defeat Douglas for president in 1860.)Read the Historical Background on the Civil War. Why did it happen? If slavery began in thiscountry in 1619, why did it take 200 years for it to become such a divisive issue? What specificevents helped to make slavery an issue of public debate? Research the A Nation Divided 1861-1865 Map. Why did certain Border States remain loyal to the United States, while they stillretained slaves? Why did whites in the South believe that their liberty required the continuationof slavery?!

What motivates you

What motivates youPaper instructions:Need the references of two articles and one journal.What motivates you and why? Discuss what motivates you after reading a couple of articles on this topic. Show how you apply what you learned about motivation to yourself. Avoid using quotes from the articles. Explain the concepts in your own words and use proper citations and references. Use personal voice e.g. I agree, I feel, I believe, etc. and real-life examples.Suggested format requirements: Write 2-3 pages. Use Times New Roman, 12 font size, double space. Use references and in-text citations in APA format to support your arguments.!

Cluster Computing

Cluster ComputingWrite 3-4 page papers on the following topics. You should consult online resources. Starting points would be google searches and particularly searches on google scholar ( Some references are also indicated below.In each case, the paper should conform to IEEE conference standards and use the word template below should reference all sources used. Note that you are expected to summarize the material in your own words. If you are using text verbatim from a source that MUST be indicated using quotation marks (? like this?). Failure to do this will be considered plagiarism and is a violation of University policy.More credit will be given to papers that locate further sources and use them appropriately.Question 1:Write a description of the challenges of exascale computing. Consider particularly the issues of architecture, data movement, and the need for algorithm change. This should be an Executive Summary.Initial Sources: the architecture, programming and performance of the Intel Xeon Phi and the Nvidia Tesla K20x coprocessors and their use in supercomputers, particularly from the Top500. This should be a literature review.Initial Sources:

Finance and Accounting Forwards and Futures instruments

Finance and Accounting Forwards and Futures instrumentsProject descriptionWith reference to relevant academic articles and literature, explain the key differences between Forwards and Futures with reference to the differing objectives of investors that are hedging andinvestors that are speculating. Based on your investigations, explain which of the Forwards and Futures instruments are likely to be more attractive to each category of investor and why?(Include numerical examples).!

GREED AND POWERPaper instructi

GREED AND POWERPaper instructions:Writing about Julius Caesar and King John ?GREED AND POWER? How do they get it? What do they do with it? Why do wecare?!