Yoga: stress reduction, and general well being

Yoga: stress reduction, and general well beingPaper instructions:Yoga: Stress Reduction and General Well-BeingYOGA (cause and effects) proposal argumentSource (will provide) must only use the attached documents, if you would like to add or need more sources please confirm with me first.Must be written in 3rd person.Must include signal phrase of the author/s when introduction them.Must include a lot of paraphrasing, and include in text citation in the same sentences.Need to have a clear thesis statement.Must provide many details, example to support the thesis statement.And clear introduction/ topic sentence to every paragraph.Must be clear and focus and organized paper.**Please tell me the thesis statement before you start on the paper.Yoga shows that it is a holistic way of life leading to a state of complete physical, social, mental, spiritual civilization, transformative life skills.My focus point is how yoga is use for therapeutic purposes, like treating disease like mental stress, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Nevertheless with every problem comes a solution. Give some history of yoga, where it came from, yoga is not a religion, and it fits well with any individual spiritual practice.So, the proposal of this paper is, with all these negative effects on the human mind, body and soul, there?s a solution by practicing yoga, the health benefit it can have on the mind body and soul.also, if my topic isn?t clear or you have a suggesting on improving my paper please let me know. I am open to a different approach to the paper.